Gatherings, Occasions and Dinner Parties
Ever wish you could host a party, hold a holiday dinner or celebrate a special occasion in your home without spending hours creating a menu, shopping for and preparing food and serving and cleaning up?  My job is to take the work out of hosting a gathering.  From an anniversary dinner for 2 to a birthday party for 20, I will work with you to create a perfect menu with your tastes and traditions in mind.  My cuisine is fresh and seasonal and takes advantage of the wealth of ingredients and cultures available to those of us lucky enough to live in Los Angeles.  A cocktail party, a family supper, a formal plated meal, the only limitation is your imagination.  And everything from service to clean-up will be considered so that you will not only host your party and wow your guests, you will enjoy yourself as well. 

Personal Chef Service

Love a good home-cooked meal but don’t have the time to prepare it?  I believe that a good meal at home shouldn’t be a luxury, so I created my Personal Chef service with busy people in mind.   My clients report a great sense of relief when they come into their kitchens at the end of a long day and find a refrigerator filled with tasty options for dinner. My time in your kitchen is dedicated to creating healthy and delicious meals and snacks to fill up your fridge and freezer, along with the instructions on how to heat and serve them when you are ready.  As always, my cuisine is geared with your tastes and dietary needs in mind.

Gourmet to Go

Want to have the same convenience of having the in-house chef without the chef in house?  Gourmet to go allows the same healthy and delicious meals to be delivered to your home for you to heat and enjoy.

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